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Mantra Lounge - King of Knowledge
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Dhira Kutir, Budapest

By Devamrita Swami, 7th of July

Spiritual Economics, Lifestyle Engineering, Anger & Frustration

The Loft, Auckland

By Devamrita Swami, 28th of May

Equal Vision, Intergenerational Tyranny & Spiritual Equality

Mantra Lounge, Hamilton

By Devamrita Swami, 28th of April

About our speaker "DEVAMRITA-SWAMI":

Yale graduate and author of several books ("Hiding in Unnatural Happiness" sold over 500,000 copies worldwide), Devamrita Swami has a knack for making Ancient spiritual concepts easy to grasp. Travelling the world teaching at prestigious Universities, it's safe to say that with over 50+ years of being a Monk, you will learn something new about yourself... & beyond!

Timeout- Devamrita Swami
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